Upcycled Denim Rag Quilt and Spring Wreath

The Rag Quilt

denim rag quilt

After I’d cut out squares from jean legs, I was very organised (unusually so) and I cut up the leftover jeans so as to keep them for another, as yet undecided future project. I have to admit I felt a bit like a butcher, getting all the useable bits out and just leaving the ‘bones’ of the seams. It was quite an uncanny feeling, but included a sort of thrifty pride.

As it turns out, if you google there are heaps of things to do with the seams and belt lines of jeans but you need a very sturdy sewing machine needle! The denim (and my idiocy) broke three universal needles on my sewing machine before I hand sewed.

To make the rag quilt, the tutorial I liked and used was Alison’s at Dream a Little Bigger, and with a little common sense: done and dusted in a couple of days. My lovely little boy kindly helped with the photography of the bench and the blanket.

As I stashed the fabric remnants in my Tardis craft cupboard,  I wondered what I might do with them…

Sweetheart Spring Wreath

Today, inspiration hit! I was unwinding the red ribbon on a wooden heart frame wreath and I suddenly remembered all those pinterest pins I’d been pinning where you tie strips of fabric to a wreath and voila!

Spring Wreath made from leftover quilt fabric
Leftover fabric from a rag quilt to make a ribbon style wreath

Upcycled denim spring wreath that is oh so matchy matchy with my denim & turquoise rag quilt!

It’s all self explanatory, cut strips, tie them to the wreath frame. Tip: Thin strips work best, so even if the fabric strips are a bit short, they look great once you’ve fiddled for a bit tying it up.


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