Bouquet of Flowers – thumbprint art

My lovely little boy Marshmallow has been going to nursery at daycare for one and a half days a week since he was a mere six month old and this week is his last time there, because he’s moving up to the toddler room! I know! He’s growing so fast!  He’s two months short of two years old.

His teachers have been very kind and I wanted to acknowledge their good job. But with no money for a gifty gifterson – and the rumour is, teachers get all kinds of home-made crap they don’t want and ditch as soon as they get out of the building, I thought a card, contributed to by Marshmallow would be the ticket.

What I did. 

On a pre-folded card I drew green stalks.

I scotch-taped the card to a large piece of paper. This is the important bit – it has to be tape that can be unstuck with relative ease.  The big bit of paper is so that all the creative stuff can happen, not on the carpet.

In a tupperware lid I put a blob of red paint and a blob of white paint.

I encourage Marshmallow to come on over, dip his fingertips in the paint and smoosh (that’s a technical term). He did. All over the page. I pointed at the card, ‘Look at this lovely empty bit’.  He enjoyed smooshing and then he liked it when I fingerprinted him in spots above the stalks. I like the way the ‘smoosh’ makes a kind of floral blur and sets off the fingerprint buds.

He kind of lost interest after five fingerprints and so we washed his hands and the card dried off.

I moved the card and paint to a safe place (ha ha) and then removed the tape. The tape is cool – it kind of adds a non-paint border and gives a lovely crisp edge.

Once the paint’s dry, attach the bow.

Voila. ‘Thank you’ card, team-worked!

Toddler Thumbprint Flower Bouquet

What I used

  1. Pre-folded card
  2. Red and white washable paint (my favourite dress is covered in orange splotches because I didn’t even suspect that children’s paint came in anything other than washable!)
  3. Piece of ribbon
  4. Glue or a needle & thread to attach the ribbon to the card
  5. Scotch-tape (or masking tape or similar)

supplies toddler thumbprint art

I like the way the art we made looks like the Sweetpeas I have on the kitchen counter still.  I might give the teacher a little nosegay of sweetpeas in a jamjar too, something disposable and recyclable.

Incidentally, the photo above shows a peace lily in the background, sitting on top of a ring-bound sketchbook. This sketchbook contains top secret plans for a toddler masterpiece! All will be revealed after January 20, 2014. I know. A long time to wait. I can’t wait!


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