The L.O.V.E cushion cover

As an antidote to being Toad in Toad Hall (many hobbies and interests, never finishing anything), I try to finish a project before I begin a new one.

This does mean I can have several things on the go at once, three for example (a baby quilt, a Christmas gift quilt and a cushion cover); because as long as I finish one of these, I can then begin the next of three (sounds convincing right!)

Rag style cushion cover with denim and turquoise
Rag style cushion cover with denim and turquoise

One of the projects I finished today, was a L.O.V.E cushion cover that matches (ha ha) the denim rag rug.

What I did

Freehand letters – all quite skinny and long because I only had strips of fabric left  – stitched onto white cotton that was big enough to wrap around a cushion.  Cut the letter edges, as you do with a rag quilt, and wash so it frays all puffy and pretty.

I used an envelope style pillow opening at the back, which saves the need for complicated zippers or buttons. Essentially you fold the material around the cushion, with an overlap at the back.  It’s just two straight lines to sew on the sides, Turn it right side out and done.

It’s just the length of time it stays in your ‘to do’ pile that makes it take longer!


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