The Owl Time Capsule – using outgrown baby sweaters


I was sorting out the baby clothes that the Marshmallow has outgrown. And as Spring is springing, some of the winter clothes aren’t necessary anymore and will be too small by next Autumn-Winter.

So I had a pile of baby sweaters… and my heart wanted to keep them, not donate them. I don’t know why, but it’s the way it is! I listened and decided to make an Owl Time Capsule Pillow, using the old jumpers as the cushion stuffing.

Owl Time Capsule

What I did

I Pinterested all the stuffed fabric Owls I liked. Found one I knew was in my capabilities of making and then stuffed it with baby sweaters.

Although to make a nice, even stuffing, I had to cut the arms and buttons off the sweaters, they’ll still be whole enough to bring back all those toddler memories when my Marshmallow is old enough to be having children of his own.

Recycled stuffing for Owl

More sentiment!

I was five months pregnant when I picked the fabric that I am only just now using – as it turns out – for Owl wings and eyes! I enjoy knowing that those occasions when I find a fabric I just love-love-love, I sometimes don’t know what it shall be used for. Some future project, as yet unknown.  And luckily, at the time, I had the money to cough up for it. Not so right now, I’m using up what’s in my Tardis Craft Cupboard. And I like it!


8 thoughts on “The Owl Time Capsule – using outgrown baby sweaters

  1. Georgina,
    Your blog is fabulous. I’m a pretty OK knitter, but want to learn to sew. Just took a bunch of the toddler’s clothes to the resale shop and they didn’t want a particular overall set with adorable bunnies. I may just take a sewing class to make my very own “owl.” I need to be more sentimental about these things as the nugget grows.

  2. Hey Claudia, thank you for visiting and the compliment :) I can’t believe the resale people didn’t want the adorable overalls – hope you keep them for the burgeoning sentiment as your nugget grows!

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