Sweet Hearts

Throughout my quilting lifetime, there is a distinct theme that draws me in time and time again. I’ve only made one heart quilt but my home decor and gift cards tend to be smothered in them: Hearts.

I thought I’d share some of the recent hearts I’ve made.


Pictured is a watercolour sketch of my first crop of home-grown tomatoes which I put in a  heart-shaped basket. I turned it into a Mother’s Day card for my wonderful Mum.

Next is a heart sampler I made earlier this year, when I should’ve been showering. Suckered in!

Third is a quick Valentines Card I made last year, it’s a heart cut from apple fabric (lush). I had a two month old baby and was – typically – behind on sleep but I really wanted to mark the occasion.

You can also see my Spring Wreath heart here.

I’m actually making another heart today which I was inspired by this gorgeous heart quilt block – but mine is a secret one for now, darnit and so I can’t share it until it’s been given and gotten. Soon!

What inspired you today? You can tweet me if it’s easier.


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