There’s a skeleton in my closet!

Being an English girl in New Zealand (where Halloween falls in Spring, not Autumn), I celebrate Halloween twice. Once on October 31st, regardless of it being seasonally all wrong! And another time, about April 30 when everyone in the neighbourhood thinks I’m all wrong!

But, for my Marshmallow, he doesn’t know any different and his traditions start with me. I made him his first (of hopefully many to come!) Halloween costume. A skeleton.  And here it is hanging in my closet!

Skeleton in my Closet

What I did

I had the base already: black trousers, black long-sleeved top (thanks Nanny England for the bottoms and Nanny Kiwi for the top).

In the Tardis Craft Cupboard I had a stash of an error in judgment – purple polka dot felt for cheap cheap – which I turned to the white side.

Purple polka dot felt

For the skeleton bones I found a style I liked online and sketched it out. Using the sketch as a guide I cut each bone as a pair so there was a little bit of symmetry.

Skeleton Sketch - Toddler Costume

I hand-sewed the bones onto the clothes – just a simple running stitch. It took about an evening.

I opted for sewing because if I glued it on, within half an hour, Marshmallow would be wearing a black outfit, keen as he is on un-sticking things at the moment! Most of the outfits I saw online included a mask, but Marshmallow is not keen on hats, hoods or anything other than blankets going on his head, so keeping it simple this year.


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