Monkey Business

It’s an oldie but a goodie, classic upcycle: sock monkeys. I remember wishing I could make one a long time ago. I couldn’t say what stopped me but I remember thinking they must be awfully complicated. Anyway, a week ago I sorted out my sock drawer and put all the odds in my Tardis Craft Cupboard.

Monkey Magic

Then, as you do, my mind wandered to one of my favourite go-to bloggers, Deni Miller, and what she had to say about sock monkeys.  Her sock monkeys are very perfect and her story is very funny!

What I did

I googled again yesterday for a tutorial and found one that made it seem easier and simpler than I thought possible – Craft with Confidence Sock Monkey Tutorial. And I just fished my socks out, chose the two least clashing odd socks. Did all the sewing by hand last night once Marshmallow was asleep.

Picked up some hobby filler for $6 today after eating strawberries fresh from the field with my two favourite chaps. And voila. Naptime Monkey made. The green button eyes are the ones I cut off from the outgrown baby sweaters.

I was talking to my Mum this morning about what could I use to stuff the monkey if I didn’t go and buy new stuffing. And, as per usual, her answer was instant and amazing: an old pillow  – one of the foamy ones. Especially since I don’t use nylons (hosiery) enough to shred them anymore. That’s what we used to use in the ‘olden days’ back when all tutorials were from books or classes!

Anyway, at the strawberry field I said, ‘Let’s pick up filler for the sock monkey on the way home’ and Marsh said “ooh-ooh, aah-aah” and tickled under his own armpits. Ha ha. So hopefully when he wakes up he’ll see his new friend and monkey dance the afternoon away.

Genuine Old Sock Monkey


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