Socks appeal

I know, terrible pun. But I’m finding these sock monkeys to be a bit alluring. They’re so satisfying to make! And quick and easy!

I had to pop out for honey (Marshmallow and I have got the Spring sniffles) and I secretly shopped for a suitable pair of sock-monkey-socks. I found purple stripes and hearts.  I wanted to make a gift of one, and decided that whiffy old socks are only good for family and self.  True story! My inner cheapskate was horrified that brand new terry-towelling socks weren’t going on my feet first! Gasp! Horror! I’m over it now, but there is a psychology of wastefulness that I had to overcome.

Anyway here’s monkey no. 4. He was my favourite and intended to be a gift, until Monkey Numero Cinco became chimply marvellous.

Secret Sock Monkey

The fifth chimp is Le Cadeau going to my prime mate‘s son, who’s shortly going to be an older brother in a month or so. No pic yet because I only finished him this evening and it’s too dark to take a decent photo.

The main difference I noticed, that made my sock monkeys easier to make, is shorter socks. NZ North Island’s sub-tropical climate means there’s very rarely a need for long socks. I have actually never seen a long sock on sale here.  Consequently, all my sock monkeys have got short arms except for the last one – I used a different portion of sock to the one I used, but different socks stretch differently as I discovered.

Secret Sock Monkey (addicted)

And who knew that buttons were such slippery devils and if you blink, before you know it you have a cross-eyed inbred monkey who needs to be unpicked and done again! Only happened three out of five though.

I have enough stuffing to make one more sock monkey… then I have to leave the Planet of the Apes.  Bid my addiction farewell. And make something else instead!

[The End.]


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