Baby Dino – for a baby girl

There’s so much inspirational crafting and creativity out there!

Whilst I was ‘pinning’ for free toy patterns (I’m planning at some point to use special baby clothes from when Marshmallow was a wee newborn), I got distracted by this amazingly cute – free –  little baby dino pattern, from the First Day of Mae’s blog.

It’s one of those ‘tag’ toys for a baby, soft and safe.

I’ve  been keeping an eye open for an idea for a friend who’s having a baby girl in a couple of weeks. As soon as I saw the design, I knew it was go go go!

Baby D for a baby girl txt free

I used a quarter of each of two fat-quarters, and some ribbon I had in my Tardis Craft Cupboard. The Dino is zig zag on one-side and polka dot on the other.  And here is this Hot Pink Baby Dino!

Baby Dino


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