I heart Spring

I also love French knots!  They are so decadent, as they take a lot of thread, and they take a lot of time, but the results are delicious.  I got to combine Français noeud with a heart so I was happy as a pig in mud for – omg – five nights and three naps. Wowser. It’s a lot of work. But worth it.

Details French Knot Heart

The French Knot, for me, was originally inspired by this lady’s gorgeously gorgeous Love pillow.  At the time I was thinking of making a gift for a friend with a bouncing baby Boy. But I knew how much work it would take, so I just made his initial ‘B’ after seeing the above Love cushion cover.

Anyway me hearties. My heart reminds me of the cherry blossoms outside. Every year I take a photo of those fleeting beauties, and every year the photo comes out awful so I can’t share, but when those blossoms flutter in the breeze, and confetti down, that’s what the outside knots on this heart embroidery remind me of.


What I did

Template: I cut out a heart that was the right size for my embroidery hoop. I drew around it on the material in regular pencil.

Backing fabric: Used up a quarter of a fat quarter.

2 skeins and a bit of pink thread (I know, it’s a lot for a thrift-bunny)

Tip: I stem-stitched (or back-stitched) around the heart first, this keeps your edging French knots in order, otherwise – unless you’re really good I guess – the knots  skidaddle every which way. This is why French knots are so beautiful, they are just a touch haphazard, like a sprinkle of wild flowers sewn from a seed packet.


4 thoughts on “I heart Spring

  1. That is so, so lovely! I am going to need my grandma to show me French Knot again ASAP! Thank you for sharing. I’m very inspired!

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