All Hallow’s Eve – monthly roundup

Happy Halloween! I’m taking the Marshmallow trick or treating tonight for our very first time. He’ll be wearing the Skeleton costume I rattled up earlier this month. Dem bones will petrify tonight!

Skeleton in my Closet

I found an amazing idea online where the young kids roll a trick or treat dice, and if it lands on trick, the Grown Up has to do a magic trick! I’ll be borrowing this idea for our outing: a magic trick for when the neighbours dim their lights and pretend to be out!

Mind you, if my neighbours knew how many Sock  Monkeys I made in a hobby filler frenzy this month, they might well do to avoid me.

Sock Monkey Madness

There was the Upcycled Denim Rag Quilt and cute matching Spring Wreath.

Rag style cushion cover with denim and turquoise
Rag style cushion cover with denim and turquoise

I love it. The quilt’s on my sofa now, with the L.O.V.E. Cushion Cover.  The spring wreath is on the banister.

Spring Wreath made from leftover quilt fabric

My toddler’s wardrobe kept me busy with repurposing and upcycling, the Owl Cushion cover, stuffed with his old baby sweaters; and next month I add to the notion that I’m crazy Sock Monkey Lady by showing off my ‘baby-sock’ sock monkey.

I also made the cutest Baby Dino for a baby girl who is making her debut in November.

Baby D for a Baby Girl

As ever, no month goes by without me making something to do with hearts, I shared with you three of the past year’s Sweet Hearts and a brand new French Knot Cherry Blossom Heart. Every sidewalk chalk drawing I do with Marshmallow begins with hearts.  I’m hoping yours and my November will be full of hearts too.

Heart Embroidered French Knots in cherry blossom pink



2 thoughts on “All Hallow’s Eve – monthly roundup

    1. Thanks Jackie – our night’s over already! The dice is just awesome, especially for littlies for whom real trick or treating is too late or scary. I might carry on playing it way after Halloween, as trick & treats are fun!

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