Keepsake – Toddler odd socks

I’ve kept all of my baby’s socks from when he was a tiddler, because I figured there must be something somebody is doing – that isn’t a baby mobile – that will help me hold on to them, without appearing to be too much of a hoarder.

I haven’t found that something yet, but with toddler socks, I found that they make a really cute miniature sock monkey! (In the photograph is also the purple heart sock monkey numero cinco, which is now in its new home.)

Cinco Monkey & Toddler Socks

What I did

Using my favourite tutorial for making sock monkeys, I followed her instructions. It’s all exactly the same, except that the smaller sock means shorter arms.

From those odd socks lurking in my toddler’s closet I picked the best ‘match’, making sure that the sock for the ‘snout’ had a colourful heel. The body could be plain – which it is, and that worked well with the stripy arms.

Finally, I held my enthusiasm in abeyance by blogging about it several weeks later, when really I wanted to show them off immediately!

Something Old Something New


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