Redwork House Portrait

On one of my redwork internet jaunts, I came across this lady’s website, offering a tutorial on how to turn a photo of your house into a simplified redwork outline.

I was inspired by the idea but, as it turned out, chose to freehand draw my house onto a sketchbook and then used very thin cotton and traced the house-lines onto the fabric.  I don’t mind how my dimensions are all off and the bench under the porch is unsittable on! But that’s because it’s only a rendition, a little goblin version. I also put more leaves on the twiggy cherry blossom tree than there really were! That’s the beauty of art (and craft) I guess.Redwork-House-Portrait

I’ve been making some crafty gifts for Christmas, and also I’m preparing a Craft Swap with the lovely Hannah at her blog Dainty & Ivory. It’s an English magazine craft swap at Make and Craft and Hannah kindly agreed to participate with me even though I’m expensive international postage!  I only came across those guys after googling for a craft swap and this one happened to be open.

So I’ve got heaps to share, but can’t show just yet: the giftees have to get the first look!


3 thoughts on “Redwork House Portrait

Hey good looking, what you got cooking! Tell me all about it.

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