Toddler Scribble Christmas Decorations

When Marsh was born, just two weeks before Christmas in 2011, at the earliest opportunity (in January the following year) I pressed his feet into self-hardening clay and made several Christmas ornaments for me and the Nans. Shamefully, I think these ornaments are still in the baby box to be painted and delivered. or maybe those are the ones from last Christmas. Eek!

This year, Christmas The Third, I have done a Marshall decoration for Nanny England again. But I’m older and wiser now.

Pretty Toddler Scribble Christmas Tree decorations

Toddler Scribble Xmas Decoration

What we did:


  • Thick-ish A4 paper – for the decorations
  • Regular paper – for the Tree template
  • Angry Bird felt-tip pens with the wrong lids, half-broken wax crayons and pencil crayons in green and red
  • Red ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Who needs a hole punch when you can lightly fold the top over and make a few careful cuts for a diamond-shaped hole to feed the ribbon through.

Our extensive resources

Marsh and I used our resources wisely and made festive colour scribbles. I folded the page into thirds (two Nans and me). I used a plain piece of paper to come up with a Christmas Tree template (remarkably it took three goes). Tied a piece of ribbon on and voila!


Advantages of this paper style ornament is: flat and light, can be posted with extreme ease and cheapness (International Air here is quite expensive and the Post Office staff I’ve met are draconian in their use of calipers to ensure not an extra millimetre of post gets through!) Fingers crossed it reaches Nanny England this year after all this boasting!


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