Planes, Trains & Automobiles – toddler scribbles again

After a week of cars, cars, cars, I thought a variation was due and, after an internet ramble, I found this lovely blog post on books and songs and crafts with a train theme.  I pinched the idea for our Monday morning this week.

Marshmallow was a rapt audience of one as I sang the song (the horn on the train goes Toot Toot Toot), which inspired the Marshmallow to bring out his zoo train and Thomas.

We did the craft too. Here’s ours.

Train Craft

The activity lasted as long as the train – only ten minutes or so, and then the chimney got ripped off and the cardboard wheels pulled off and squashed. But all good fun for a toddler.

I tell you, those Angry Bird felt-tip pens of ours from the $2 store just keep on giving, no matter how ratty they’re getting!


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