Easy Christmas Mini-Wreath

I’ve been wanting to have little Christmas vignettes around the house, nothing too tinselly (much as I love tinsel!).

The mini-wreath is assemblage, more than crafting.

It is an embroidery hoop, wrapped in red crepe paper, with one of my favourite Christmas Tree decorations hung on the loop. A thread of ribbon, and it looks just gorgeous (to my eyes). I like that I get to show off a favourite decoration. I could easily have used any of my favourites (all of them), but this one just happens to go nicely with my lounge’s current aqua accesorising and red.

Easy Christmas Wreath

I was given a hardwood box of cutlery recently, and when I finally got around to throwing out the old and in with the new today, I thought I could use the hardwood box.

Here’s what I made with the cutlery box. I painted it white and then re-used (for the third time) the dollar stencil I bought last January with ‘Happy Holidays’ and put those cheeky little snowmen in there too.


The happy holiday stencil has been around as red and white from last year (one visible here in the second pic down as ‘Happy Ho’, ha ha) and black and orange from the Halloween before.


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