Photo Wall

We moved into our house nearly two years ago, and the walls have  remained mostly blank.  In part that’s because we had a six week old baby and that first year, home decor was above and beyond the bare minimum that I was capable of thinking or doing.

About eight months ago I got started making a photo wall. I placed all the photos in frames, then laid them out on the floor. And like a never-ending game of chess, I couldn’t get the pieces to an end-game I liked! 

About four months ago, I bought a beautiful white circle frame. I couldn’t decide who to put in it, so I filled it with aqua and just used it as a generic piece of decor.

But yesterday, I woke up with all kinds of resolution and decision! I read this article  with cool photo wall layouts to inspire and copy. 

The article also talks about having the centre picture at the same height as your eyeline, and I think that helped me make a decision about photo placement.

I, as frugal-Freddy, cannot buy all new frames that are matching, so I made do with what I had. Maybe in the future I’ll line everything up, but in the meantime, I like this formation.  Maybe circles are my thing!

I decided which wall to put them on, I went to the store and bought the no-nail super-strength hooks, came home, whittled down the pictures in less than 45 minutes and bingo bango! I included a toddler hand and foot print and it just changes the complexion of the piece in a way that I like. More family, less art gallery.


Photo wall: done! It looks better in person than on these terrible photos. Apologies. It’s a poor excuse, but it’s summer in NZ, the light is full of vim and glare.

It’s so funny isn’t it, some things take so long and yet when you get on and do it… Anyway. The circle frame now holds a picture of my paternal Grandparents whom I was so fortunate to know and love well into my late twenties.

I love that everyone in our families is on this wall. Of course, it’s a work in progress, as we’ll have a little addition very early July, so we’ll be taking even more snaps of Marshmallow and his sibling-to-be!

Photo Wall2

The other funny thing is see the basket of sunhats next to the umbrella. Yes, that’s about right so far this summer!



Hey good looking, what you got cooking! Tell me all about it.

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