Love Heart: Traditional Craft of Proddy Rugs

Heart Proddy Ruglet - wall hanging
After being inspired by my Mother’s gift of a ruglet kit, I made this with red hessian & leftover red fabric

For my birthday, my lovely Mother sent to me a little proddy ruglet kit from a Cotswolds cottage-garden industry – Pig and Lion. You can find out about the history and terminology of proddy rugs here at Wikipedia.


It was a wonderful present, the kit contained a square of hessian (burlap), 100 little ‘clips’ (rectangles) of fabric, and a special wooden peg to push the fabric pieces through the hessian holes.  My Mum bought it from Cheltenham fete, but Pig and Lion appear to be a mail order business if you wanted to experience a ruglet kit for yourself.

It took about 45 minutes. The brown hessian makes life easier as it’s a looser weave and you can also see the fabric being drawn through.

Here’s a picture of the reverse side so it makes sense how the fabric is drawn through on the top-side like a butterfly.


I found doing this kit inspirational and as I was doing it, I was planning something with some red hessian I had in the cupboard, and what better than a heart in anticipation of Valentine’s Day!

Of course, red on red is not as easy to see, do-able, but probably better on natural burlap.


And the red burlap was much stiffer than the Pig and Lion hessian. Got quite a calloused thumb pushing the wooden peg through!  But it was worth it and I love it! ProddyRug1


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