5 Things I made for my first baby that I shan’t make for the second

OMG! Can you believe I’ve been so absent from sharing all my crafty stuff! I’ve been very productive as a writer, and crafting all sorts of lovely things for our new addition.  But as I’m keeping baby’s gender a secret from one of my favourite pals (at her request, I’m not just a meanie!), I can’t share with you yet.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a list of 5 things I made for Marshmallow – my first baby – that were kind of a waste of time.

Not really, because something to do in those insomnia hours can’t be a bad thing, and also, contemplating a new arrival is one of the pleasantest ways to while away time. But, I didn’t use these things – for the purpose I made them for. Not a once.


1. Felt Baby shoes. Cute little felties.  I made two pairs. They both turned out to be too small for starters and then really, shoes for a baby who’s reclined for most of a year. Not something I’ll be making this year.

2. Cute baby burp cloths. Really. Who wants to get their prettys all sicked up on! I never used them. not a once!

3.  Baby blanket, following internet size guides. I got so paranoid about the rules of looking after a baby, no blankets, no pillows, no hats, that I just stopped making the blanket halfway through and bought an owl and the pussycat crib duvet. Then, of course, I discovered that baby’s wriggle- wander at night, so they need a sleeping bag.

4. Cute changing mat. Like no. 2, who’s going to use their prettys for poop moments! I used it as a playmat instead while Marshmallow was small enough though. Worked out well.  Bought a nice little waterproof, bland design, poop mat. Left it accidentally in the shopping mall changing rooms. Used cloth nappies ad infinitum since then, for changing moments.

5. Cloth Diaper Cover. Three words: don’t go there.

Have I learnt anything though! Here’s what I am making for bambino number 2 and I believe, hand-on-heart, that it’s worth it and I’ll use them:

1. Carseat canopy

2. Customising plain layette outfit

3. Name bunting

4. Play mat.

And you guys will get to see them all in July!


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