Easy Wall Words for My Playroom or Any Room

Decorating the  playroom for my little fella has been slow and intermittent – always dependent on time, inclination and how many naps I need to take during his naptime. Like the Perfect Storm, the ‘playroom’ has been taking shape without any input from me – a gift of an indoor slide, a coffee table we don’t use that I can refurbish so it’s child friendly, and an old crib mattress, that I could see being used as a flop-cushion, in between sliding and artistic endeavours!

My favourite bit, on my list of ‘to-do’s for this room, was making the word ‘Read’.


It’s straightforward: freehand letters onto cardboard and cut out. Wrap them with strips of crepe paper – under a sun umbrella in the garden yesterday as Marsh snoozed.    


I attached them to the wall with command hooks and pegged them onto a ribbon.

It’s a place where we flop while Marshmallow crayons or slides or reads. 


Hey good looking, what you got cooking! Tell me all about it.

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