Easy Autumn Table centrepiece

Over summer, I’ve had a sad, crisping basil plant on my dining table. Don’t get me wrong, fresh basil on my pizza or on my marinading olives, Mamma Mia! But not a beautiful sight…

But now it’s my favourite time of the year, I thought I’d gussy up the dining table, remind me of the splendour of the golden season.

It’s funny how being cheap nets amazing results: by using resources that are available in the house, or outside for free.

Even better, my boy and I got to go collecting (swamp) oak leaves today for the finishing touches. We went to a fairy beach (an estuary beach) at low tide. The mud was peppered with little stones — or so I thought — apparently they are periwinkles and considered a delicacy by the Maori, we met a fella out there with two buckets and a white Tintin dog.  So watch out, we’ll be harvesting some of these little sea snails soon enough and I’ll tell you all about it!

Back to my gorgeous, golden harvest table centrepiece.

Autumn Table

It’s an assemblage really. I used the Happy Holidays tray I used for my Christmas vignette. A scrap of orange material from my craft cupboard to line the tray – although once the pinecones, oranges, apples & oak leaves are on the tray, the fabric makes negligible difference. 

I only had apples & oranges in my fruitbowl (bananas don’t go!) and I like the organic nature of the look, precisely because I sourced what I found naturally in my home, if that makes sense.

Autumn Table

Pumpkins are available in NZ, but not the big orange ones (at the supermarket, probably at a farmers market) and also I can’t bear the thought of buying something that will decay without being eaten: we do that often enough with just regular food we bring into the house! The candle was a gift from a work colleague – one of those fancy ones that smells all the way through. Unbelievably, the flavour of that candle is sweetpea. I know! Serendipity!



Hey good looking, what you got cooking! Tell me all about it.

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