Autumn Wreath


Last year,  I was  just as thrifty and imoverished as I am this year.  I didn’t have the moulah to buy a polystyrene wreath, I had no pool noodle to hand, but I really wanted a wreath. So I used a bit of genetically provided ingenuity (thanks Mum) on how could I make one with things I had at home.

I used:

1. A wooden hanger

2. Heavy cardboard

3. Old clothes – stretchy works best – cut into strips

4. Burlap – in strips

5. The original wreath – things to embellish – pine cones, berries, & pipe cleaners to attach the goodies.

5b. The new wreath – things to embellish – two colours of felt cut into heart shapes, complementary wool to attach the goodies.

Using  a wooden hanger, I attached a cardboard semi-circle to the bottom of it – making an approximate circle. I wraapped it in old clothes several layers thick to pad it up, and then wrapped it in red burlap.   Some red berries I’d bought for $1 and pine cones I’d found for free, voila, I had this beautifully misshapen, lumpy and very heavy wreath! It looked good to my eyes. Not professional or purchased, but home-made and homey. 


It’s held up really well.

I retired it for spring and summer – you can see the Valentines wreath I made recently with the red berries, but Autumn is tapping her golden fingers in this hemisphere and so I pulled it out of hiding last week.

I was inspired by this lady blogger’s – friend’s  – St Patrick’s Day wreath at their recent craft night.

I cut out dark red hearts and little grey hearts and used some pink yarn I had lying around to attach it. I love it!




Hey good looking, what you got cooking! Tell me all about it.

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