Girlify boys clothes for a new Baby Girl – All Black Tutu

When my little Kiwi boy was born, he was given an All Black onesie. Size-wise he only wore it for a few weeks between six weeks and two months before he grew out of it.

I stashed it in the ‘maybe we’ll keep it for maybe-baby number two’ of clothes, shoes & bibs.

When we discovered we were having a little girl, I decided to girlify the All Black onesie with a cutie tutu to make it all  All Black Swan. I made the tutu back in January.All-Black-Onesie

Tutorial wise, I just googled or pinterested. What I found was using a ribbon to tie around the baby waist, so the back is a bow, seemed to make more sense on a little six week old baby, than guessing elastic needs. The tulle is cut into strips (I used 2″ x 12″ strips), folded in half and then looped over the ribbon. It’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to share a photo with our little baby gal showing off her half-country’s colours! It’s too cold right now, this being a short-sleeved babygrow, but the minute Spring starts springing…!



4 thoughts on “Girlify boys clothes for a new Baby Girl – All Black Tutu

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