Cross Stitch Crazy

Yes, I’ve been going cross stitch crazy! I always used to feel that I preferred art and design that I had a hand in designing so I avoided cross-stitch, except for teeny tiny greeting card style ones. Also, I find that some cross-stitch – especially the ones where the whole canvas is stitched – very complicated and I always made critical mistakes. For a long time, I haven’t done cross-stitch.


For Christmas last year, I sent my Mum a teeny tiny cross-stitched Robin on a mailbox for Christmas (photo to come). And I kinda caught the bug. But, as ever, I’m a total skinflint and so I didn’t want to buy any cross-stitch patterns.

So would you believe it – the internet is FULL of free cross-stitch patterns. And they’re nearly all amazing. I love, in particular, the primitive designs. I’ve added a few photos of my versions of these glorious freebies and linked to the website where I got the free chart. Thank you very much to the talented designers whose freebies I’ve so enjoyed these last couple of months.

To thine own self be true – from Plum Street Samplers. Such beautiful designs and a bevy of other freebies if only I had more time for bigger cross-stitches. It’s funny how I picked designs that were particularly relevant. This one was at a time when I was feeling under pressure with someone else’s opinions (at University, teacher-training) and I had to keep reminding myself that my opinions are mine and valid.


One of my favourite little Halloween’s: Boo! By Glory Bee.  Bearing in mind, it is Autumn in March in New Zealand. Although they /we don’t celebrate Halloween in March/April here, the spiders don’t care, nor do the pumpkins, they go on about their business.


This snowman and a sheep “Happy Snowman” a freebie from Shepherd’s Bush – ahh, it reminds me of my drive to school, seeing sheep with their black faces in misty fields. The trees silhouettes as the sun peeps orange and purple over the mountain ranges. I actually haven’t finished it yet, it was Amy’s 3rd birthday, all that school and then we’ve all come down with the winter flu.


Some more beautiful freebie designs are to be found at Snowflower Diaries – there’s a whole year calendar Joyful World freebie stitchalong – but although it’s on my ‘to do’ list, it might be a while before I get there.  There is a fox design for January and there’s hedgehogs in the autumn months (of course, I’d have to change the month name to suit the year here).








Hey good looking, what you got cooking! Tell me all about it.

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