100 Lucky Stars

School holidays – how shall we fill all that time in when it’s raining and wintry, and there’s still an hour left in between sibling rivalry bickering and fisticuffs? Origami!

I’ve helped the children valley fold and mountain fold all sorts of things these holidays, planes, spinning tops, rockets, goldfish and paper-cranes. But by far the winner, is the 100 lucky stars.20170719_142353

Not for the reasons you might think, because the children still can’t really fold paper with precision and the firm folds, so they need help with every step, but they do like fetching the finished star and popping it in the jar and asking how many more until we get to 100?

I had a brief google about 100 Lucky Stars – and how if you give someone a gift of a 100 stars in a jar, they can make a wish etc. But the word on the internet is that it seems to be an artificial thing rather than a true Japanese culture thing – so that got me thinking, why would 100 stars in a jar be lucky??? Mmmmm.

Then it struck me: the parents of the kid who sits quietly enough to make a 100 paper stars.20170719_143317.. now that is lucky! Imagine if it was a thousand lucky stars? Wow! All that parental free time – potentially —- drifts off, dreaming —- nah, I love my noisy boisterous little ucker-muckens and I wouldn’t swap them for those quiet, origami folding super-kids.

I managed to fold about 35 over two days. Little origami coffee breaks like haikus peppering my day.

I used this website for the folding instructions.



Hey good looking, what you got cooking! Tell me all about it.

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