Spring sewing!

On the lakeside in the Auckland Botanic Gardens, the Kowhai tree is blooming with beautiful yellow flowers.  Daffodils are nodding everywhere. The Tui are having their nectar-feasting hui on darkly pink blossom trees. And, of course, it’s raining as if Noah’s fetching his ark. Ah Spring!

I like to sew in honour of the wheel of the year, so I’ve been browsing through all the cross-stitch possibilities for Spring. Or Ostara as pagans call it. And it brought to mind the beautiful cross-stitch freebie at the Primitive Hare. I haven’t stitched this little rabbit, egg and goose one yet, but soon.


In the meantime, I browsed the Auckland OverDrive online library and wowee, heaps of cross-stitch books with the charts included. My favourite online books this weekend are been Sophie Simpson (What Delilah Did) Secret Garden, and Stitch the Halls.  They are so pretty to look at! Lovely watercolour illustrations throughout. The designs are simple. But I’m a full-time Mum, a full-time student and sometimes, small and doable is just the ticket.

So I combined two of the bugs from Secret Garden, and the Rosemary wreath from Stitch the Halls and then I googled for inspiration for the daisies and the kowhai bloom and I made this lovely (although some say the green bug is somewhat creepy) little circlet of Spring.

The rosemary in my garden is flowering, my son and daughter both pick me fistfuls of daisies from the lawn, and we were on a family walk when we saw the kowhai blooming last Sunday.  I love it when my sewing has all these secrets within and that when I look back, I’ll remember these coded sentiments. The finished item becomes a time capsule of these halcyon days. More prosaically, it is in a magnetic frame on my fridge in the meantime.



Hey good looking, what you got cooking! Tell me all about it.

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