Hello! I’m Georgina and I’m a thrifty crafter.

I’m also a writer and a voracious reader. If I followed your blog – no matter the subject – take it as a compliment because I only follow well written (I am a connoisseur) or well illustrated blogs. From Antarctica to Zoology including Motherhood, if I like your post, it’s because I liked it not some weird recruitment drive.

Now for the truly nosy. More about me!

I switched from full-time to part-time work so as to spend more time with my gorgeous baby son, and now my baby daughter. I work three graveyard shifts to maximise time with them.

I find with low energy after night feedings and being Mum all day long, I crave to be creative. But its gotta be short and sweet, nap time sized. So this blog is what I get up to!

In a book I read about women writers – beginning with Aphra Behn – (I will reference it), a male critic said, ‘pfft, they either write about love or recipes’, well Mr Critic, those are also the Bard’s specialties, because no one reads his histories. This blog is my contribution to the long list of women then and now sharing their creativity and I love being part of that.

For the super nosy who wonder about my credentials, I have a bachelors degree in Anthropology, a post grad in Law. Both come in handy for broadening my horizons and boring people. I practice neither in my day job as a jeweller.

Here’s a pic of me pre-bambino. Kayaking on Lake Taupo to see the magnificent Maori rock carvings. The waves were a metre high I tell you but worth it.

Kayaking on Lake Taupo

You’re welcome to drop me a line, ask me a question, compliment me, using the contact form below. Yay!





Hey good looking, what you got cooking! Tell me all about it.

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