Granny Squares Knitted Blanket – in progress

My gorgeous Mother came to visit for nearly a month, so she and I have been busy knitting squares to sew together for a family blanket.

It will be one of those special, heirloom style things as it was family who knitted it and family who shall cosy underneath it.

My boy is keen on the rainbow song at the moment (red & yellow, and pink & green, purple and orange and blue) so that was how we chose the colours.

My Mum wanted to vary the boringness of knitting 22 x 30 squares, so she threw in some stripes.

Now she’s gone home and I’m sewing the squares together, I’ve decided to mix  it up – and sash the 4×4 squares with navy blue knitted lengths (10 stitches, by a million).  The blanket with just our squares is a little bit narrow – good for two kids, but not for us grown-ups.

But, I’m a very   v e r y   slow knitter, so if this blanket is finished before summer (it’s only just the first day of winter on Sunday!) it will be a minor miracle!

In Spotlight, the flannelette was on offer (OMG!) at $5 a metre, so I got this fashion forward (!) navy blue & white chevron to back it.


Here’s a teaser picture of the glamorous Granny who knitted 80% of the coloured squares!  And in between now and 2015, there will be a ‘completed!’ blog post about it.

We did a few other things while she was here – a snowglobe, paper boats, uber paper aeroplanes, and I’ll share these out in this final month before my new baby arrives!


Belated Star Craft Swap

It was a lovely hot day when I received the gorgeous Hannah‘s star craft swap goodie box!  I’d been sitting outside sipping chilled water when I saw the postie do a post-box drive-by on her bicycle.


Picture’s speak a thousand words.  Hannah sent a beautifully bordered star quote – “I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” Which is so appropriate, because in the Southern Hemisphere, the Milky Way is galactic looking. The first time I saw the Milky Way, at Haast Pass, I didn’t have my specs on and it really was milky: I am obviously not fond enough of the stars, as I found the view somewhat alarming (crazy, I know) and hid inside the motel!

StarCraftSwapA perfect star, an origami star and a Nordic heart frame were the paid-for goodies. I love them all, thanks Hannah for taking part, and Make & Craft for hosting. It was a real treat and Hannah was very thoughtful to pick a red heart… two of my very favourite things!

It’s nearly Year of the Horse, so in anticipation of 31 Jan Happy New Year, wishing you health, wealth & prosperity!


Snow Pom Poms and Yarn Heart

Somebody asked me recently, how I learnt to craft. Well, I have to say, it was from my Mum, inspirational lady that she is.

I remember being about 7, making pompoms together, using cardboard doughnuts and leftover scarf wool.

There was always something she and I could do in dull moments with a needle and thread, or crochet hook, or knitting needles.  If I made something at school (recycled paper from toilet roll and bits of leaf, with a proper screen), my Mum would have some handy alternative so we could do the same project at home (photo frame and nylon tights stretched over it).

So I’m really pleased to share with you guys, what My Mother’s Been Doing So Far this December!

She decided to do an Advent adventure,  making a decoration a day throughout December.

Here’s a picture of her little White Christmas tree. This means the decorations can be small too.


For the first couple of ornaments, she’s made the cutest little yarn-wrapped hearts, pompom snowflakes and a sweet little snowman.

Snowflake Pom Pom & Yarn Heart

What she did (so far)

  1.  Snowflake Pom Pom. Using the traditional cardboard doughnut template (should abound on google), use yarn that matches or complements your tree colour scheme.  My Mum used blue, blue & white and white.
  2.  Snowman Pom Pom. Put two white pom poms together. Make their faces really cute and voila, a fabulous snowman.
  3. The heart is a cardboard cut-out, wrapped with yarn.


It’s fun to ask, what will she do next! I happen to know because she told me already, but for you it’ll be a surprise!