Easy Wall Words for My Playroom or Any Room

Decorating the  playroom for my little fella has been slow and intermittent – always dependent on time, inclination and how many naps I need to take during his naptime. Like the Perfect Storm, the ‘playroom’ has been taking shape without any input from me – a gift of an indoor slide, a coffee table we don’t use that I can refurbish so it’s child friendly, and an old crib mattress, that I could see being used as a flop-cushion, in between sliding and artistic endeavours!

My favourite bit, on my list of ‘to-do’s for this room, was making the word ‘Read’.


It’s straightforward: freehand letters onto cardboard and cut out. Wrap them with strips of crepe paper – under a sun umbrella in the garden yesterday as Marsh snoozed.    


I attached them to the wall with command hooks and pegged them onto a ribbon.

It’s a place where we flop while Marshmallow crayons or slides or reads. 


Valentine’s Wreath

How fun that Valentine’s Day is nearly here again! Before that, of course, we are going to be celebrating Groundhog Day by watching Bill Murray at his finest. But that doesn’t need any crafting. So, skipping to Valentine’s Day. I made a wreath.

Valentines Wreath

Because I’m cheap, I used the the easy wreath I made for Christmas with an embroidery hoop you can read about that here, and gussied it up with berries from last year’s winter wreath, feathers from Marshmallow’s craft stash, felt-hearts from a project I still haven’t finished yet (filling a goldfish bowl with felt hearts, best not to ask) and I used red furry pipe-cleaners from the craft stash to tie the bits and pieces to the hoop.  For fullness, the Christmas embroidery hoop was wrapped with red crepe paper and a slither of ribbon to tie it to the wall.

It was very straight-forward to do, but does requires tweaking to make it just so. The tweaking takes the longest!

Valentines Wreath2

No matter what colours I see throughout the day – year – my life  – east, west, red is best! I love this. The red and white square quilt is one I made earlier and you can read about it here.

I’ve found lots of inspiration on the internet about Valentines gifts to make. Some involve chocolate, so I can’t be making them too soon, otherwise I’ll eat them in advance too, ha ha. Can’t wait and can’t wait to share the project with you!