Dream Catch Me

DreamcatcherAnyone who knows me in the real, knows that  I’ve read the Lucy Maud Montgomery Anne of Green Gables books ad nauseam. From the age of 11 or 12, I ‘ve read them at least once a year. Never gets old. Don’t know how the author did it. I guess, it’s because when you read as a kid, you hear a different story to the one you hear at 22 or 32. Anyway. The connection today is Anne’s House of Dreams. I’ll get there, I promise.

I saw, on Pinterest, a pretty picture of a hoop looped with yarn catching a heart in the centre, and when I read the comments, I saw that it was a dreamcatcher in progress.

It looked a little different to the Dreamcatchers of mine and my brother’s youth, but it made me look up dreamcatchers on the internet.

I found this gorgeous website explaining how to make them. I like their notions: the first one is never perfect; place a bead in the third or fourth round to represent the spider of the web – perfect for this time of year, Autumn with all the spiders busy making their webs. And my favourite part: the dreams you want to catch are decided when you make it.



So as I made mine – a prototype I think, there will be more I’m sure (watch out for your Christmas gifts guys!) – I thought what dreams I wanted this one to catch and I decided, it’s a this house dreamcatcher.

The same website has a lovely couple of paragraphs on the origins of these and I love that children’s dreamcatchers are different from adults and are expected not to last: As our dreams change throughout our lives, so should the webs we weave.

This was a quick naptime project. Completed in way less than an hour!


I used an embroidery hoop, embroidery floss, three feathers pinched from my Valentines Wreath (it’s looking ever so bald now!), and four beads from a Christmas decoration. I know, Little Miss Pinch-It. I’ve hooked it on the door of Marshmallow’s bedroom for now until it finds a real home. I hope it catches his dreams (he’s still asleep!)

What my daydream is that one day he and I will get to make a Hula-Hoop-sized Dreamcatcher together. Watch this space!


Valentine’s Wreath

How fun that Valentine’s Day is nearly here again! Before that, of course, we are going to be celebrating Groundhog Day by watching Bill Murray at his finest. But that doesn’t need any crafting. So, skipping to Valentine’s Day. I made a wreath.

Valentines Wreath

Because I’m cheap, I used the the easy wreath I made for Christmas with an embroidery hoop you can read about that here, and gussied it up with berries from last year’s winter wreath, feathers from Marshmallow’s craft stash, felt-hearts from a project I still haven’t finished yet (filling a goldfish bowl with felt hearts, best not to ask) and I used red furry pipe-cleaners from the craft stash to tie the bits and pieces to the hoop.  For fullness, the Christmas embroidery hoop was wrapped with red crepe paper and a slither of ribbon to tie it to the wall.

It was very straight-forward to do, but does requires tweaking to make it just so. The tweaking takes the longest!

Valentines Wreath2

No matter what colours I see throughout the day – year – my life  – east, west, red is best! I love this. The red and white square quilt is one I made earlier and you can read about it here.

I’ve found lots of inspiration on the internet about Valentines gifts to make. Some involve chocolate, so I can’t be making them too soon, otherwise I’ll eat them in advance too, ha ha. Can’t wait and can’t wait to share the project with you!