I’m a little teapot, short and stout

My toddler boy loves the teapot rhyme.

I’m a little teapot, short and stout

here’s my handle, here’s my spout

When I get all all steamed up hear me shout

Tip me up and pour me out.

I was browsing Pinterest for felted food, I came across this cute teapot tutorial. So I decided to make one for Marshmallow for his Christmas stocking.

My tips on the teapot:

1. To make the circular base, I found a glass that was just the right size (top-end) and made a template. But also, when I was attaching the base to the teapot, I used the glass as a stabiliser.

2. I sewed three panels together x 2, and then pinned the handle & spout into position. Rather than as the tutorial suggests, sewing the panels together 2 by 2.

3. I didn’t have any felt pieces I wanted to use,  so I used the palest baby blue fleece. I really like it. And, like felt, it doesn’t fray.  The fleece I had was leftover material from a baby blanket I made.

4. Hand sewing, this took less than two hours to do. My scissors are awful and blunt, so if you had the right equipment, even quicker I reckon.

I will be making two teacups to match. But I’ve yet to find a tutorial for that… Even if my cups turn out bad, I’ll share, I promise!

Mad Hatters Tea Party

As you can see, my teapot is shorter, stouter and less embroidered. Also, it’s really hard to take a decent photo of a pale blue fleecey teapot!

But this is for a little boy, who may have tea parties with our little sock monkey family (I still don’t know what I’m doing with all those mad little primates I made). Marsh loves the monkeys. They’re currently on my bedside table shelf and he comes in and says ‘sock!’ sock!’ and then grabs them all in a bear hug and walks around the house like a zoological Hansel, leaving monkey breadcrumbs!