Snowman Mug Rug

Merry Christmas! Here’s a mug rug I made for my Mother. She loves Robins. I love Snowmen. Her favourite colour is blue, mine is red and we both love tea! It’s the perfect combination.


It’s upcycled denim (leg of a pair of jeans). I thought I’d give a mini tutorial.


  • Denim jeans material
  • 1″ Black square x 10
  • 1″ Blue Squares x 10
  • 1″ White squares x 10
  • Brown felt
  • White felt
  • Yellow felt
  • Black scraps for eyes
  • Red scrap for Robin’s red breast
  • White embroidery thread
  • Red backing fabric of your choice
  • Button for the bird’s eye
  1. Sew the squares together, the top strip, the bottom strip and the two side strips.
  2. Sew the snowman’s eyes and nose on before you attach him to the denim.
  3. Sew the robin’s red-breast, beak and button-eye on before you attach him to the denim.
  4. Cut the  snowman’s head out of white felt and position him on the fabric so his neck will be underneath the border ‘scarf’.
  5. Attach the side strips to the denim
  6. Attach the top and bottom strips
  7. Attach the Robin now, before you add the backing.
  8. Embroider the snowflakes and the French Knot snow
  9. Attach the backing with your preferred method. I tried a few folding methods before deciding on folding the hem in and invisible stitching, because I really liked the peep of red.

Although it’s already Boxing Day here in NZ, wishing everyone Happy Holidays! Hope your season is Merry & Bright!


Sawtooth Star Jewelry Mat

Yes, the craft swap I’ve been hinting about, can finally be unveiled!

Make and Craft – a UK craft magazine – hosted a craft swap where for November, the theme was ‘stars’. I just fancied doing a craft swap, I googled, and there it was. There’s nothing between me & the magazine.

Anyway, I immediately thought of a patchwork star. And then just as quickly I thought of French Knots.  It’s a beautiful, soft cotton Jewelry Mat for the organised lady’s dressing table.

The lovely Hannah – my swapee – wrote a few sentences on what she liked, and it included pastel colours, star gazing and pale green. 

So I drew a patchwork star design and then filled it with pastel coloured French knots – in lemon, mint, baby-blue and slightly darker than lilac. I backed it with the reverse side of a dark green (showing the pale green underside).

Sawtooth Star in French Knots

At first, because Hannah said she liked drinking tea, I was going to make a mug rug, but then I thought pastels and French Knots are a bit too pretty to get brown ringmarks, so I decided to make a Jewelry Mat. It’s for the dressing table, and when you take your jewels off at night and are too sleepy to put the pieces in the box, you can lay them on the soft cotton prettiness, and then when the tidy mood hits, move everything into its rightful place.

The rule was a gift of 3GBP had to be included, so when I went to Auckland’s Stardome Observatory one day, I picked up some informative postcards of the night sky in the Southern Hemisphere, and a really cool tote bag that says ‘Keep Calm and Star Gaze’. I really kinda want to keep the tote bag. But I can pop back anytime whereas Hannah will have to wait til she globe-trots to New Zealand.


It was a really fun swap. I enjoyed it immensely and I look forward to blogging when I receive Hannah’s lovely things through the mail!